Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Anne & Gilbert's Romance

Dear kindred spirits, 

I wish I could have posted more during AoGG week, but I've been a little tied up. :)

I hope you enjoy this sweet video of Anne and Gil's romance!  It's one of my personal favorites!

Anne, Gilbert, all their friends, and family have become my family through these recent years.  I love them all very much.  I'm so thankful for their good, true, and beautiful examples and lifestyles.  They will forever hold a special place in my heart.  If I get married, I will definitely hope my little girls will love Anne as much as I do and my husband will certainly be my own perfect Gilbert.  If I could chose to live in another age and place, it would be in PEI at the turn of the 20th century with Anne and Gilbert.  They were such simple and beautiful times.

Thank you Anne & Gil for all the memories and feels!  Love you forever!


Monday, October 17, 2016

My 100th Post and Blogger Recognition Award!!!

I'm happy to announce this is my 100th post here at "The Life of a Homeschooler"!  Thank you so much to all my friends and followers for being such faithful readers.  It's an honor to celebrate this 'mileston' with you!  Here's to 100 more posts and many more adventures!

Recently I was nominated by the beautiful Emma, over at Majestic Adventures, for the Blogger Recognition Award! Thank you dear friend!


write a post to show your award -+- give a brief story of how your blog started -+- give two pieces of advice for new bloggers -+- thank whoever nominated you and link their blog -+- select other blogs to recognize as awesome bloggers!

How my blog started:

I was inspired by our friends Heather and Grace, a mother and daughter, who each had a blog years ago.  Their blogs were so beautiful and I loved being able to keep in touch and read about their lives and adventures in another state.  I made up a blog on my daddy's old laptop planning to send it out more like a newsletter to friends and family, but then the laptop died. Kaplewee! I later created a Blogger account and got to work.  My sister and I experimented on many things in our free time.  I've so enjoyed sharing with ya'll and getting to know you!

A piece of advice for new bloggers:

Be yourself.  I know lots of other bloggers have said this, but it's true!  don't worry about having a big audience.  It is such a blessing to have a small, close group of followers.

Also, look around and find blogs that you relate to and love.  Introduce yourself (a great place to do this is in the comments below! ;) ) or just follow and be inspired!  There may be times when you run into a proverbial wall and can't think of ANYTHING to blog! We are here to support and inspire you.  Find fun tags or do a follow-up post on someone's post that spoke to you.

But again, be original and be YOURSELF! :D

Thank you again Emma for awarding me!  It was very special to do this for my 100th post since I was having trouble thinking of the perfect thing to blog about! ;)


I would like to award the very special bloggers,

Mrs. Smith @ A Slice of Smith Life

And anyone else who would like to participate!

And my 100th post during AoGG week wouldn't be complete without something about Anne and Gil!

May God bless you and keep you!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Anne of Green Gables Week Kickoff Tag!

Hello dear friends!  I'm so excited it's Anne of Green Gables Week!!! Miss Evie is hosting this delightful week starting off with a tag.

1. How did you get introduced to Anne of Green Gables?
Growing up we had one VHS of the cartoon Anne of Green Gables, but we watched it over and over again.

At some point when I was little I also got a coloring book.  When I was in 2nd grade, I think, I borrowed Anne from my school library, but it was way too hard for me to understand.  It wasn't until I was about 10 years old when we went to Barnes & Noble and my sister and I each picked out one book, that I truly loved Anne and her delightful world.  Jacquie chose the book, Little Women, and I chose Anne of Green Gables.  It came with a pretty, heart locket. It took me a while to actually get through the book, but I always enjoyed reading it! I remember being a little scared when I first read about the haunted wood and being really sad when Matthew died.

2. Are you more like Anne or Diana? Why?
I would say I'm more like Anne.  Diana seems to worry a lot, she doesn't imagine as much, and she keeps a level head (most of the time). Anne and I are both overly romantic, exaggerate, have a bad temper, and are extremely dramatic.  But I also like to think we both have generous spirits, a contagious smile, and are great friends. :)

3. If Rachel Lydne called your hair as red as carrots how would you react? 
I would, well... I'm not quite sure.  "How dare you!" would probably be in my vocabulary.  It's not so much that I don't like the color red, but 'carrots' are rather undignified and they are orange, not red! 

4. Gilbert or Morgan Harris? 
Definitely Gilbert.  No questions asked!  :D

5. Honest opinion on the third Anne film. 
I like to say, "Don't judge a movie by it's book."  I like it as a movie.  The acting is good, the story plot is interesting, and I suppose I kind of like that it's a story of what the characters 'could be like'.  Of course, if I could change history, I would have made it just like the books.  I'm sad Kevin Sullivan didn't see too much movie worthy content in the rest of the books.  I absolutely would have loved to see Anne of Ingleside made into a movie.

6. Have you seen the New Anne film? 
If you're talking about the 4th Sullivan film, no, and I don't want to either.  I believe it might soil my love of Anne.  It may be a good movie but I'll stick with the first three.  Changing both the actors and the plot seems too drastic.  And, there's no Gilbert!!! (I may end up watching it someday since I have it...)

If there's some other newer film, no I haven't seen that either.

7. What in your own words is a Kindred Spirit?
A kindred spirit is a friend who is with you through thick and thin.  You can have fun with them whether you're rowing on the lake or just hanging out at home.  They will always defend you, be there for you, love you, and tell you the truth.  They don't mind your mistakes.  And especially to me, a kindred spirit will pray with you and for you!

8.  Movie Gilbert or Green Gables Fables Gilbert?

But I have to say the movie Gilbert portrayed by our dear Jonathan. <3  The way he talks, smiles, teases, and loves Anne is unrepeatable. (And that curly hair!)

9.  Does anyone know where we can watch Road to Avonlea online?

I think I remember seeing it on YouTube.

10. Favourite book cover? 

(and of course my first copy above!)

11. The Films or The Books?
I love both the films and the books dearly but you can never get any better than the real thing. So I would say the books. They go into such beautiful detail about every place, person, and thought.  The characters live on through the books and the imagination is such a wonderful tool to bring the books to life!  I love Gilbert and Anne's romance in the books. And also their friends. You get to know their friends on a very intimate level in the books that the movies can't reach.

Thank you for such great questions!  You can answer the tag and see others' answers over at Over the Hills!

God bless!

Monday, October 3, 2016

Happy Feast of St. Therese!

The night before Therese's profession, her name written in Heaven...

Hello everyone!

You may be thinking this post is a little late, but actually Therese's feast in the Traditional Mass calendar is today, September, 3rd!

When I was confirmed this last spring I chose St. Therese, along with St. Mary of Jesus Crucified, as my Confirmation Saint.  She is such a lovely Saint and beautiful friend.  I believe I chose her because I've known her for a long time and loved her so much.  She has always been such a wonderful example to me of childlike confidence in our Sweet Jesus.  She too had a special relationship with the infant Jesus, as I do.  I wanted her to pray for me in a special way as my patron Saint and for her to help me in my journey to Heaven.  She is also a Carmelite, and I've known and loved them for a long time, so that is a wonderful bonus! ;)

I celebrated St. Therese's feast day on the 1st with a trip to California to sing at a Mass with the FSSP.LA schola! 

The night before, during dinner at family's house, I was given a rose by one of the sweet "little flowers" girls!  It was only the next day during the Mass that my friend realized we received rose buds on the eve of Therese's feast!!!

My special rose bud with the book I'm currently reading (not about Therese, but about a Carmelite and the life of Carmel in letter format.)

 It was an absolutely beautiful, Tridentine Mass at Our Savior Catholic Church at USC.

I was so excited to see an absolutely gorgeous stained glass window of St. Therese above the altar on her feast!!!  (She's the second one on the left in the above picture.)

Beautiful stained glass windows of the beatitudes.

Many people have read or heard of Therese's autobiography, The Story of a Soul, but I would like to share with you a few other books and movie about her which are so beautiful.

The first one is a book I was given by my parents for my 16th birthday.
The Plays of Saint Therese of Liseux
It's a wonderful book of all the plays St. Therese wrote and performed with her sisters in Carmel.  Each has a brief introduction and then is written in parts.  I would absolutely love to put on one of her plays someday!

I knew for a while she had written plays, especially the one about St. Joan of Arc, but what I didn't know until this summer was that she also wrote poems too!
The Poetry of Saint Therese of Liseux
I found this book in the Carmelite bookstore at the Sacred Heart Retreat House and had to get it!  I love her poems because they are sweet and short, yet so full of meaning and devotion.  I read To the sacred Heart of Jesus at the enthronement of a friend's house to the Sacred Heart.  These poems are great for meditating on in front of the Blessed Sacrament, to get to know Therese and her sisters better, or just for some fun pleasure reading!

Another great book not only about Therese, but her family, home, convent, and sisters as well, is Therese and Liseux.
Therese and Liseux
This coffee-table size book is filled with facts, stories, pictures, and illustrations of Therese, her family and friends.  It gives an in depth look into her life with lots of 'extras'!  I love how many images there are of her convent in it.  Another thing I really like about it is that it has images of holy cards Therese made for other sisters or received.  It also has a lot of her artwork.  I'm still in the process of reading this book, but you can easily sit down for a short time and flip through the book and read here and there!

Therese movie
I've watched this movie years ago, and we watched it last night (although I'm writing this post before seeing it ;) haha!)  I remember it being beautiful, and can't wait to watch it again for her feast!

I pray you have a beautiful feast day!!!  If you already celebrated on the 1st, you can celebrate again! :D  

May the Sacred Heart of Jesus guide you and may St. Therese of the Child Jesus and the Holy face lead you to His most precious heart!