Sunday, November 29, 2015

Happy November!!! {And What I Wore Sunday!}

Hello!!!  It's fall!!!!!!!  And that means, All Saints' Day, lots of tea, blankets, hoodie sweatshirts, the beginning of Advent, and pumpkin flavored everything!  Not to mention, THANKSGIVING!!!!

So, since I have a lot of school work, I wasn't able to post at all. I have decided to wrap up this wonderful month in just about one post.  
(I know crazy!)  

Ok, so November started off with the feast of All Saints!!!  

But anyway, I wanted to share with you my All Saints' Day costume!!
I dressed up as St. Mariam of Jesus Crucified, a newly canonized Carmelite Saint. Here's a little more about her.  :D

Happy Thanksgiving!!! What are you thankful for?  What are some family traditions you have?  I had such a great time filled with family, friends, God, and food. ;)  I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

And finally, today is the first Sunday in advent!!!  We are preparing our hearts and homes for the coming of Jesus at Christmas and his second coming.

For What I Wore Sunday...

The sweater, shirt and skirt, are from Down East.  :)

I love this outfit! The shirt is very soft and comfy, the skirt lays well and the sweater has a fun flower see-through pattern on the back and shoulders.

God bless!!! <3 I hope you all had a very blessed and happy Thanksgiving and Sunday!! <3