Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Ave Maria Schola Video

Hello everyone,

I know I already posted once today but, I wanted to share a really great schola video with you all.  This is a beautiful Ave Maria sung by a homeschooling family group.  Enjoy and God bless! :)

It is a rare and special occasion when all 7 Hanson siblings get to sing together, especially in 7 part a cappella harmony.  A couple weeks ago, we had the opportunity to do just that on a beautiful piece by German composer, Franz Biebl.  Since the style of music you typically see us perform is a bit different than we're singing here, we realize that this may not be what you all were expecting when we mentioned this video in an earlier post, but we hope that you will enjoy it just the same.  This is one of our favorite ave Marias honoring the mother of Jesus, Mary. (Sorry it had to be taken from behind us, but as you can see, it was the only way. :)  )
Posted by The Hanson Family Singers on Tursday, May 14, 2015

It is a rare and special occasion when all 7 Hanson siblings get to sing together, especially in 7 part a cappella harmony. A couple weeks ago, we had the opportunity to do just that on a beautiful piece by German composer, Franz Biebl. Since the style of music you typically see us perform is a bit different than we're singing here, we realize that this may not be what you all were expecting when we mentioned this video in an earlier post, but we hope that you will enjoy it just the same. This is one of our favorite Ave Marias honoring the Mother of Jesus, Mary.(Sorry it had to be taken from behind us, but as you can see, it was the only way. :) )
Posted by The Hanson Family Singers on Thursday, May 14, 2015

Summer Boredom Busters!

Hello friends!
The school year is almost over!  I found this great list from MODG to keep you busy during the summer.  What are some things you do during the summer?

Summer! No school, sleeping in, warm weather, lots of free time. Ah!
After you finish your last subject of the year, you celebrate, looking forward to a glorious two months of summer! The next day, you sleep in and take your time waking up. You read, spend some time outside, and work on some projects that you haven’t done in a while.
Repeat this cycle for about seven to fourteen days; so far everything is going well. But then, things start slowing down: you finish your projects, you don’t have anything to read, it’s really too hot outside… And then the b-o-r-e-d word comes to your mind. You try to brush the thought aside, but you can’t shake it. Finally, you admit it. You are bored.
I think most students have experienced variations of this “summer boredom cycle!” During the school year a lot of time can be spent looking forward to summer, but then when you get there you wonder why you wanted it so much.
Well, here are 25 tips to fight boredom and have a useful, fun summer while you’re at it.
  1. Go to daily Mass. Receiving Jesus every day is the best
  2. Start a subject for the upcoming year early. Perks to homeschooling, folks. Take advantage of ‘em.
  3. Learn a new language. Elvish, anyone?
  4. Pray a novena to one of your favorite saints. Here is a link to a bunch of awesome ones. 
  5. Learn to cook. Ladies, the men in your lives will love it. And guys, then you won’t have to bug the ladies to cook for you! 
  6. Get outside. Hiking, fishing, biking, walking, swimming, pretending you’re in Middle Earth….
  7. Write a book. You could be the next Christopher Paolini, a famous homeschooling author! 
  8. Have a bake sale. You can donate proceeds to a pro-life organization or your youth group.
  9. Learn an instrument. Rock that triangle! 
  10. Actually practice an instrument you can already play. Your teacher will be thrilled when you go back to lessons in September. 
  11. Do extra chores. Surprise your parents and family members! After all, they really are the best.
  12. Learn how to swing dance. Seriously, this is the most fun thing to do with friends ever.
  13. Join a summer reading club. Earning prizes for the reading that you might already be doing? YES!! 
  14. Volunteer at a soup kitchen or a seniors’ home. It is one of the most fulfilling things you can do. 
  15. Write a letter. It takes so long to type though…wait, by hand??
  16. Read a spiritual book. Find one that is geared to youth specifically, they’re often more applicable to your life. 
  17. Keep a journal. They’re awesome to look back at later!
  18. Pray for a celebrity. It’s way better than stalking people on the internet. 
  19. Make a movie.
  20. Learn to knit. It is not just for elderly ladies! 
  21. Write a song. “And you can tell everybody, that this is your soooong.” 
  22. Clean, organize, or rearrange your room. Hmm, what would it look like as a treehouse…. 
  23. Pray the rosary. It’s like facetiming with Jesus and Mary at the same time!! 
  24. Read a classic novel. Anne of Green GablesPride and Prejudice, David Copperfield, Little Women….
  25. Make a rubber band ball. Welllll maybe this one is more of a last resort. 
There you have it! Whether it’s through praying, learning new things, being creative, or volunteering, there are many, many ways to spend your time during the summer. Use some of these twenty-five tips and the b-o-r-e-d word won’t even cross your mind!
What are some ways you like to keep busy during the summer?

~Amy Wack
Vox News Reporter

Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Homeschooler of the Month: May

Hello all!

I hope your school year is winding down!  How has your weekend been?  This Month's Homeschooler of the month is, Verjinyah, a very great friend of mine! :D  So let' get started!  Thank you so much Verjinyah for talking with me! :)

1) Introduce yourself!  Your name and age (if you don't mind)  When did
you start homeschooling?  What are some of your life aspirations?   

 My name is Verjinyah, I am a seventeen year old just finishing up her junior year. I first started being homeschooled when I was in preschool, so this upcoming senior year will be my 12th year of homeschooling! My life aspirations are not that extraordinary. A simple life with husband and children I can honestly say is all I truly want in this life. 

2) What curriculum do you use?  What is your favorite subject or part of

After many years of trying different curriculums (Konos, Seton, Catholic Heritage, Our Lady of Victory, etc.) I am now doing Mother of Divine Grace (since the 6th grade). My favorite subject is definitely Religion, it really helps you to open your eyes to the wonders and graces around you and appreciative for the small simple things in life.

  3) What do you do for fun when you're not homeschooling?

 When I'm not doing school I like to do a lot of embroidery and dancing while listening to my iPod. I also like running around in an empty field in my bare feet ;) 

  4) What kind of books do you read for fun? What book character do you most
 relate to?

I read several different kinds! Little Women is my all time favorite and I re-read it every year! The Eight Cousins is also another one of my favorites along with the Once Upon a Time is Timeless series and an occasional Jane Austen book. I grew up with the Little House books so I can't forget to mention those, and currently I am reading the Anne of Green Gables series. 
   When it comes to relating to book characters I like to use the March sisters from Little Women because each sister covers different personalities, feeling etc. Starting with the oldest, Meg: I can relate to Meg because in many ways I feel the same way she does, the interest and want of growing up, to live a peaceful domestic life. I am also very fond of pretty things and clothes! 
   Jo: I may not be entirely sold on the tomboy side of things, but like her I love fun and mischief! I do have a slight careless side to me, I laugh easily and I don't pay attention much when that happens! This happened once when I was alone at a Cloistered Benedictine Convent for a while, and during one of our meals (which are always eaten in silence) something made me laugh out loud and so hard that I knocked my glass of water over and spilled it all over one of the sister! While I can relate with Meg about growing up, I also feel like Jo, because at the same time I do not want to grow up, and I don't always want things to change. Her curiosity is like mine as well, I am very curious! I remember when my parents were out of town once and we got a box in the mail, I called her to ask if I could open it because I just HAD to know what was inside! It turned out one of the things was a pretty new Sunday skirt for me :) . I'm certain I'm as stubborn as she is too! 
   Beth: Feelings.... Beth was very gentle and devoted to her dolls. She gave them the upmost care. This was her most gentle and caring side. For me I feel the same way when it comes to babies or small animals. I don't know why, but I feel very devoted and protective of them whenever near. 
   Amy: Accomplishment and refinement! I want to know and be able to do things properly with respect and dignity! Small things are include in that such as a good artistic taste, being able to do a little art, singing etc. Again the love of pretty things in this character is another thing I can relate to. 

  5) What is your plan for after high school?  Is college part of your plan?
 If so, what college(s)?

My High school plans are the same as my life aspirations. A simple loving family life is all I really want and plan to have if possible (God willing). College isn't part of my plan, I have never seen myself going to college. Instead I will be taking midwifery classes. 

  6) What is one thing you'd like to do when you're grown up? (serious or

    Well it really is the same as my life aspirations/after high school plans! Though a trip to Italy to visit some shrines would be nice ;) 

  7) Do you get any interesting questions when you tell people you're
 homeschooled?  What are some?

   Well to be honest, I don't get many home schooling questions! It's common in my area, and people who aren't home schooled all have friends or family who does home school. A common questions I do get though, when people ask is: "Do like being homeschooled or would you rather go to school?" But most of the time people instead tell me that they wish they were homeschooled as kids, or that they think home schooling is awesome. 

  8) Who is your favorite Saint? 

  Do I have to choose just one?!?! ;) St Margaret Mary and the Devotion to the Sacred Heart!  

9) What is the most memorable thing about homeschooling?  Do you have any
 funny stories about homeschooling? 

   Well for some reasons I have a few images in my mind when people ask me that or a similar question! and those are sitting at the kitchen table when I first started home schooling and I was given a very large purple journal type book for drawing. Another would be when I was supposed to be reading science or History and I would hold it up to make it look like I was reading, but really I was reading an American Girl book. Another is talking on the phone with my teachers that Mother of Divine Grace gave us! my favorite teacher has always been Mrs. English. I remember when I was studying Greeks and Romans in 7th grade and I was supposed to write a paper on the Greek gods form mythology. My teacher received my paper and we discussed it over our weekly phone call. In one part of the paper I had put some incorrect information about mythology in it and she asked me where I came up with that (it had something to do where I said that "after many years the Greek gods had moved to Rome" instead of "the Romans had adopted their pagan beliefs and gods"). I told her that I had picked up that information from the Rick Riordan books. I guess they weren't as historically correct as I thought they were! 

  10) What is your favorite bible verse? Do you have a favorite quote? 
Well I'm not sure that I have a favorite bible verse.... instead I like all the verses that are tied in/similar to this very clear statement: "God will never give you anything that you can't handle". In addition that, I also like any verses that tell about our Lord's mercy, forgiveness, kindness etc. 

  11) Do you have any advice for beginning homeschoolers or people
 considering homeschooling? (from a student's perspective) 

Well to be honest I think the most important thing for a new homeschooler (and even someone who has been one all his/her life) is understanding "why". Being diligent and focused on your work is one thing, but truly appreciating and understanding why you are being homeschooled is another thing. So I would say appreciating and understanding why your parents have decided to (or thinking of) homeschooling is important, whether its because they want you to learn more about your faith, or simply because they don't want you to be badly influenced by other students in the public or private schools in your area.

~Thank you so much, Vigi!  What did you all think? 

God bless!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

I've Been Tagged!

Hello Everyone!

I've been tagged by Chloe at The Shy Introvert for a list of random questions.  This is my first time being officially tagged (by  name)  and I saw this tag circulating and was hoping that just by a chance I would somehow be tagged! (Yay! Thank you Chloe!!! <3)

So let's get started!
The rules:

1. Paste the button onto your blogpost. (Done!)

2. Leave a new list of questions (or just pass on the question list you answered) and tag a few people of your random choice (see below!) (and say why you tagged them, if you have time!) (Be original and nonsensical in your own question-creativity - make the blogging world a cheerful place :-) And be disastrously random.)(oh goody!)

Now for the fun...

3. Write down three facts about you - one of them is WRONG.  Let your commenters guess in the comments which one is wrong (and tell them in the comments after a while). 

4. Answer the questions of the person who tagged you - make it all super random and interesting :-D

So those are the rules! Let's get to know a little bit about me!

First, three facts about me.  Comment below which one you think is wrong:
  1. I went to parochial school before being homeschooled.
  2. I have watched Road to Avonlea.
  3. I have acted in Bye Bye Birdie.

1. What is your earliest childhood memory?
Let's see...
I believe I was two, and my grandpa was living at our house.  His bed was in the living room and he had a bell on his nightstand.  I loved sitting on his bed and ringing it.  He was the sweetest thing letting us do that. :)

2. Would you rather live in the city or in the country, and why?
I would rather live in the country.  To be surrounded by fields of wild grass with the wind blowing in your face.  To run and climb the biggest tree.

3. Contemporary music or movie soundtracks?
Probably contemporary Christian.  I enjoy many different artists, but I also listen to my Anne of Green Gables soundtracks and classical music during my studies. (*Listening to Anne Soundtrack right now*)

4. Do you know the proper usages of its and it's; their, there, and they're; and your and you're? 
Its is for possessive. "The train lost its caboose."  It's is for the contraction. "You must see the Anne movie, it's wonderful!" 
Their is for the possessive, "Their hose is lovely!"  There is referring to a place, "There is an ice cream shop."  They're is the contraction of they are, "They're going to see "Little Boy".
Your is a possessive,"Let me tie your shoes." You're is a contraction for you are, "You're going to the theater!"

5. What is your opinion on car racing?
I really don't have one.  I have actually never watched a car race. My uncle does race dirt bikes though.  So I remain neutral, I suppose.

6. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go, and why?
I would go to Prince Edward Island because it is the home of my most favorite authoress and my favorite fictional character, Anne Shirely.

7. Do you like to write and/or blog?
Yes I do!  I really do love blogging because of the interaction with my readers and being able to find everything rather easily if I need to come back to it.  As for writing with a paper and pencil, I have wonderful ideas for a book, start the book, and then hardly ever finish it.  I'm working on a book, however, that I am determined to finish. (With much of my sister's help.)

8. Are you an introvert or an extrovert? 
I am an extrovert.  I love talking to people and finding out about the world. :)

“Isn't it splendid to think of all the things there are to find out about? It just makes me feel glad to be alive--it's such an interesting world. It wouldn't be half so interesting if we know all about everything, would it? There'd be no scope for imagination then, would there? But am I talking too much? People are always telling me I do. Would you rather I didn't talk? If you say so I'll stop. I can STOP when I make up my mind to it, although it's difficult.”  ~Anne Shirely
(That's me to a tea!)

9. Which do you prefer, dogs or cats?
Dogs.  I never have had a cat, and they are cute, but I do think they are a little bit unpredictable.

10. Coffee or tea, or both?
Tea for sure :) I don't like the taste of coffee.  I especially like camomile tea.

Your turn to play! (As it says in the Life of Fred math!)
I tag in no particular order:

Here are my questions:
  1. Are you homeschooled?
  2. Who is your favorite book character?
  3. What's your favorite brand of ice cream?
  4. Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
  5. Have you gone on family road trips? If so, what is your most favorite part? What is your least favorite part?
  6. Dark, white, or milk chocolate?
  7. Have you read or seen Anne of Green Gables?
  8. What kind of Mass do you go to? (English or Latin. Elaborate.)
  9. Do you have any pets, if so what are they?
  10. Finally, what's your favorite hobby?

Have fun!  I can't wait to see your answers!

God bless!