Saturday, July 30, 2016

Dear Friend,

Letter writing has almost become a lost art...

Oh, what fun!
I love writing here for you.   But I also love writing letters!  There are some things that you just can't experience when typing on a keyboard.  Picking your stationary or card specially for that person is a way to add a personal touch.  
I like holding the pen in my hand.  When you write a letter, you have to think about what you're going to say, since there isn't a 'delete' key to correct mistakes or add in bits.  I  write in cursive and I love seeing the other person's handwriting.  Seeing their handwriting adds another personal touch, instead of your typical 'Georgia' font.

People have written letters to correspond with one another for ages.  Can you just imagine a young girl writing to her father who's away during the civil war?  Or a student writing to his parents by the light of a glowing gas lamp?  It delights me to no end to think of how many human people, who have lived so many diverse yet meaningful lives, have written all sorts of letters that have been sent all over the world.  Letter writing is a wonderful way to connect with your past!

Letters aren't always written perfectly.  There are always times I have to scribble out a word.  Once I finish writing a letter, thoughts go whizzing through my head about this or that small thing:  Did I write everything I wanted to?  Is my handwriting legible?! How will it be received?  What will the weather be like when they get it?

My Letter Box

Especially since it's hot, we go out to the mailbox in the evening to retrieve our mail.  There's such a beautiful feeling, as I look through all the other adds and bills, when I see the familiar handwritings and names of my beloved friends.  I get so excited to open the letter by myself and read it at my desk or in my room.  As I read the letter, I try to hear their voice as if they were speaking to me.  Letters aren't just single messages, but ongoing conversations.  I like to keep the letters I've received in a beautiful, old, wooden box.  It's so sweet to go back and read them in order.

Another fun bonus of corresponding by letters is being able to send notes, pictures, and holy cards, too!  I suppose one could e-mail a picture or image, but then your pen-pal would not get to hold and keep that special image wherever they'd like.  Personally, I like to keep such holy cards above my desk.  :)

Letter writing is a fun, enjoyable activity and is a wonderful way to make lifelong friends.  I also find it relaxing, like those adult coloring books.   I'm so blessed with my pen-pals!  I hope this little narrative will inspire you to write to a friend or family member! I highly encourage it! Enjoy!

With love,


Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The world needs more hugs...

  Friends, I believe the world needs more hugs...

I wanted to share a wonderful video to brighten your day. Thank you to all our men and women in blue!
May God bless you!

From me to you!

Saturday, July 9, 2016

In Summer!!!!

Hi there!

How's your summer going?  I hope it's been fun and relaxing.

I'm still catching up on school from this last year and taking a health class.  But I'm thankful I have a really good bunch of classmates and two wonderful teachers.  :)

Our family has been taking a lot of small trips as well and that's been really fun and busy!

Flight to El Paso, TX
The beautiful sanctuary of the Immaculate Conception Church
see the tin roof?
Ah!  The beautiful attention to detail.
~My good Jesus~
 In May, we visited a friend in Texas and her parish.  It's a beautiful FSSP church downtown.  It was a fun and beautiful experience.  I loved all the statues and images in the church and the attention to detail.  From the moment we stepped off the air plane, we were moving non stop!  We helped set up for a Confirmation & First Holy Communion dinner, made lots of new friends, rehearsed music for Mass, ate yummy food, went to beautiful Masses, and were incredibly blessed.

Driving in West Hollywood!
 Next, we attended the Sacred Music Symposium at St. Victor's in CA.  We had an amazing experience learning new music, receiving lots of great instruction from conductors, sang beautiful harmony pieces, and so much more!  Please visit the links for pictures and videos of music recordings!  It was absolutely beautiful!!!! 
In the choir loft. :)
The more you honor me, the more I will bless you.
~Infant Jesus of Prague
Then, we went down to the Carmelite sisters for the Mother Daughter retreat in June.  It was a great experience. Please keep one of the sisters in your prayers as she makes her first profession of vows!  :)
Line dancing with the sisters! :D

The front porch of a B&B
It was reminiscent of a modern Green Gables! <3

We turned around in two days and drove back down to St. Victor's to sing at a special High Pontifical Mass with Bishop Athanasius Schneider.  It was a fast trip, but the Mass was extraordinary! ;)  You can hear audio recordings here!
The choir loft and beautiful pipe organ!
We received a special blessing from the Bishop! :D

And... for Independence Day, we wen't camping!  It was so fun and the weather was beautiful!
The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave!
Our Big Red American Dog!
Horses came down through our campsite! :O
Clifford wasn't sure what to make of the horses.

 What have you been up to this summer?  Have any plans for this month?  I would love to hear about your adventures!

God bless!