Homeschool Resources

Homeschooling is a great and wonderful undertaking.  Our family uses many different books and resources.  Here are some helpful homeschool sites, books, and resources.  I hope these can help you!

Where we buy our curriculum:
MODG Books
Emmanuel Books
Seton Homeschool Study
Rainbow Resources

Helpful sites:
Quia Quizzes
Khan Academy
Online Calculator
Web Math
Wolfram Alpha
Online Math Learning
Online trigonometry calculator
English Latin Dictionary

Homeschooling Posts:
Uniforms and Electives
My Day
Back to (Home) School Giveaway
A favorite Part of My School (Henle Latin)
The Faces of Homeschool Pronunciation
Online Classes
Homeschool Q&A
A Favorite Part of My School (Religion)

Also, check out my Homeschooler of the Month posts where you get to hear what homeschooling is like for other teens around the country!

Here are my favorite Homeschooling videos! 

Blimey Cow's "You Might Be a Homeschooler If..."

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